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About us

We are a team of creative individuals. Our strength lies in our flexibility, multifaceted approach, practical experience, and non-standard professional solutions.

MOZYRO.COM first achievement

Our First Project was a resounding success

The music video of Iron Vytas vs Dallas – “Mergaitė Arktika” collected more than 5 million views on YouTube during the first two years.

Beginning of a journey

The journey began in 2016

From a reporting trip to Krakow with a very old TV camera… then came the realization that filming could be not only work, but a way of life and passion.


We hear You

We are a team of experienced professionals who are focused on providing our clients with the highest level of video production services. 
We always strive to understand our clients’ goals and ensure that every stage of the production process reflects the desired level of perfection in the final product.


Quality, Reliability, Durability.

MISSION: We capture moments in Lithuania and abroad.
VISION: We create and implement innovative solutions.
VALUES: Creativity, Professionalism, Timeliness.

Our incredible team is here for You

Mateuš Mozyro

Operator | DOP | Director
"Always somewhere in empty space, but returns during video production."

Tomas Karazo

Director | Producer
Sees harmony in every frame

Edgaras Krivelis

Master of all arts

Darius Bielski

Video Editor
Colours, edits, and puts graphics - three in one.

Ewald Satkiewicz

Airplane mechanic | Producer
will fix the plane, set up the lights and implement the Project

Artūras Armackis

Sound Director
Hears everything

Vitalij Valentynovič

Animator and graphic designer
Animator and graphic designer, Lead singer of Black Biceps group, moving graphics guru.

Miroslaw Bieraza

Technical Producer | TV Engineer
First aid for equipment

Our Works

How to make a perfect soup or throw an apple in 20 seconds…

IRONVYTAS x DALLASAS – Mergaitė Arktika
Music video premiere 2020

Hypocrite – Methamphetabeat’as
Music video premiere 2021

Domas Česnulevičius ir Marijonas Mikutavičius – Nepasiduok
Music video premiere 2021

Clients About Us


High quality services, professional team, meticulous and responsible approach to client needs.
We constantly recommend MOZYRO.COM to our Business Partners.




We worked with Mateusz Mozyro on two music videos for my group “Hypocrite”. Although I have been on set for more than 10 years, I had never encountered such professionalism and dedication to work. After working with Mateusz, I realized that I would never want to work with any other cinematographer on serious projects! He not only films, but also does not let go of the project until its completion! We sat together in post-production, color grading, and we didn’t sleep at night. It is very important to meet people who love the process so much and strive for the highest result.


“We admire three things that start with the letter M. Mother, Meal, and Mozyro. 
A professional approach to projects, thoroughness, and attention to detail make an amazing choice for high-quality videos. Only those who have never worked with Mozyro may not like it. 
We wholeheartedly recommend this company and are 100% confident that you will not be disappointed with the result.