Director Services

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A director is a superhero and conductor on the film set. They bring together all departments of the film industry, from the literary to the performing arts.

Director services include:

  • Idea creation;
  • Screenplay writing;
  • Storyboarding and realization of shots;
  • Casting;
  • Preparation of filming locations;
  • Management of all departments during filming process;
  • Direct communication with the client.
Director Services from 499 

The process of professional video content creation

1. Pre-production stage

  • Idea generation:
    – Definition of focus groups
    – Scriptwriting
    – Storyboarding
  • Planning of filming and editing processes:
    – Logistics and location scouting
    – Selection of necessary equipment
    – Selection of creative team and actors
  • Expense projection

2. Production stage

  • Preparation of the filming location: set design (scenography, lighting, etc.)
  • Lighting setup
  • Costume, props and makeup services
  • Filming

3. Post-production stage

  • Editing the shot footage
  • Laying in the special effects footage
    Overlaying of graphic elements
  • Video material color grading
  • Sound editing

4. Project delivery

  • Final review and approval of the completed video by the client
  • Final payment and invoicing
  • Signing of a project delivery agreement
  • Delivery of the final video to the client in the agreed-upon format(s) and resolution(s)
  • Collecting feedback and testimonials from the client

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