Music Videos

from 1500 

Package: Minimal from 1500 EUR

Filming in one location and one filming shift (~16 hours).

The price includes:

  • Filming;
  • Basic lighting equipment;
  • Editing of a music video.
Package: Advanced from 4000 EUR

Filming at multiple locations with multiple shifts (~36-48 hours).

Included in the price:

  • Filming with specialized filming equipment;
  • Use of higher level lighting;
  • Pre-production preparation for filming;
  • Video editing (~7 days).
Package: Hollywood Standard

Music video according to all Hollywood standards from 10.000 EUR.

  • Custom studio or selected location;
  • Set design, graphics, costumes, choreography created;
  • Video editing, VFX, color grading.

Music Videos from 1500 

The process of professional video content creation

1. Pre-production stage

  • Idea generation:
    – Definition of focus groups
    – Scriptwriting
    – Storyboarding
  • Planning of filming and editing processes:
    – Logistics and location scouting
    – Selection of necessary equipment
    – Selection of creative team and actors
  • Expense projection

2. Production stage

  • Preparation of the filming location: set design (scenography, lighting, etc.)
  • Lighting setup
  • Costume, props and makeup services
  • Filming

3. Post-production stage

  • Editing the shot footage
  • Laying in the special effects footage
    Overlaying of graphic elements
  • Video material color grading
  • Sound editing

4. Project delivery

  • Final review and approval of the completed video by the client
  • Final payment and invoicing
  • Signing of a project delivery agreement
  • Delivery of the final video to the client in the agreed-upon format(s) and resolution(s)
  • Collecting feedback and testimonials from the client

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Additional information

Music video filming packages: No selection

"Minimal" from 1500€, "Extended" from 4000€, "Hollywood standard" from 10000€

2 reviews for Music Videos

  1. Music Band: Black Biceps (Lithuania)

    We worship three things that start with the letter M. Mother, food, and Mozyro. The professional approach to projects, thoroughness, and attention to detail make MOZYRO.COM an amazing choice for those who want exceptional quality video. Mozyro may not be liked only by those who have not worked with him yet. We wholeheartedly recommend him and we are 100% sure that you will not be disappointed with the result.

  2. Music Band: “Hypocrite” (Lithuania)

    We worked with Mateusz Mozyro on two music videos for my band “Hypocrite”. Although I have been on set for over 10 years, it was the first time I encountered such professionalism and dedication to the job. After working with Mateusz, I realized that I don’t want to work with any other cinematographer on serious projects! He not only films, but also does not let the project go until its completion! We sat together during post-production, colors, and stayed up all night. It’s crucial to meet people who love the process so much and strive for the highest results.

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