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Nepasiduok – Domas Česnulevičius ir Marijonas Mikutavičius

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231K views (2022)

Director of Photography: Mateusz Mozyro
Music producer: Oleg Jerochin
Makeup: Indrė Ragaitė
Supporting vocals: Ieva Ščerbinskaitė
Drums: Jonas Lengvinas, Paulius Kontautas
Solo guitar: Mykolas Tamulevičius
Rhythm guitar: Tomas Karaveckas
Bass guitar: Paulius Jaskūnas

Video premiere: 2021

The charming singer and songwriter Domas Česnulevičius, who gained fame in the music project “X Factor”, starts 2021 with a bang and presents his latest creation “Nepasiduok” (Don’t Give Up), full of positive energy and inspiration, which he recorded together with one of the most famous Lithuanian performers Marijonas Mikutavičius and a band.
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