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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Pre-production:
    • First meeting: discussion of Clients needs, ideas, project timeline, discussion about budget;
    • Second meeting: presentation of the script, discussion of production details, nuances and accents;
  2. Production:
    • Preparation of filming locations: set design;
    • Setting up lighting equipment, props, costumes, makeup;
    • Filming;
  3. Post-production:
    • Editing;
    • Coloring;
    • Sound editing;
  4. Final:
    • Transfer of the project;
    • Issuing invoices and payment;
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A camera operator creates mise-en-scene using tools such as lighting and framing, whereas a videographer records what he/she sees. Although both use the same tool – a video camera, the quality difference is evident. The operator creates a better constructed production tailored to a specific purpose whereas the videographer simply records random events.
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The execution of a non-standard video production process takes from 1 week to 3 months. For more detailed information, please contact our managers. Contacts
For more detailed information, please contact our managers. Contacts

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