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Culinary Union Promo – TVP TV

Video premiere: 2021

Director, Director of Photography, Video editor: Mateusz Mozyro
Motion graphics: Tomasz Karazo
Producer: Egdaras Krivelis
Actors: Greta Bartosevič-Juodviršė, Łukasz Palkowski

“TVP Wilno” original TV show “Culinary Union” combines the traditional format of a culinary program, when the hosts of the show prepare various dishes based on the recipes presented by well-known guests from the Vilnius region (Lithuania).

“Culinary Union” is a program that combines the traditional format of a culinary show, where the cook prepares a specific dish while having a conversation with a guest – a well-known Lithuanian or Polish personality from the Vilnius region. The kitchen meetings prove that Poles and Lithuanians can find a “common language” on all levels. The show is broadcast on Fridays at 6:30 pm local time.
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