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Hypocrite x AntanasJ – Mr. LOVA (Mr. BED)

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Producer: Edgar Bechter,
Producer’s assistant: Vaiva Lomsargytė
Scenario: Edgar Bechter, Antanas Jakimavičius
Director: Laurynas Milašauskas
Director of Photography: Mateuš Mozyro
Video editing: Antanas Jakimavičius, Mateuš Mozyro
Makeup: Leonid Krivenko
Stylist: Modesta Bechter

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the director of the video, Laurynas Milašauskas, with whom we previously worked on a short film “Lithuanian Christmas” and fell in love with his work ethics, ideas, and dedication to the process, to the amazing operator Mateusz Mozyro for his exceptional professionalism, work quality, and perfectionism, to the manager Vaiva Lomsargyte for her responsibility, ability to control and organize such a large crowd of people, to the stylist Modesta Bechter for her good eye, aesthetics, attentiveness, and such a result, as dressing so many girls in such a short time is not an easy task. Thank you to the group “Hypocrite” and AntanasJ.
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